Sharad Utsav: Opportunity for artisans to mark a joyous celebration
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Sharad Utsav: Opportunity for artisans to mark a joyous celebration

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Ambassa (Tripura), Sep 27: Sharad Utsav or Durga Puja is the biggest annual carnival of Bengali community which rejuvenate the economy to a great extent not only for merchants but also for artisans to mark a joyous celebration.

Almost 500 years ago the then Hindu King of Taherpur in present day Bangladesh – Kangsa Narayan- started the worship of Goddess Durga with great pomp and gaiety. The remains of the temple still carries the prove in Taherpur in present-day Sylhet district of Bangladesh. At that period, Kangsa Narayan used original golden jewellery for goddess and his budget was of 2, 00, 000 rupees. Then the affluent families joined the saga of worshipping at houses.

Almost, two hundred years ago, twelve pals launched the first universal Durga Puja in Kolkata. Then on the festivity traces an abrupt change in fashion, celebration and gaiety. Big marquees, eye candy decoration, scintillating lighting, theme, awards and community involvement has turned it into an event of crores of rupees where a collaboration of human resources get busy into action for months.

However in the state like Tripura budget of crores of rupees is not found outside the capital city. And in the district, the organisers spending several lakhs for Puja are microscopic. Here the Puja, this year, suffers a setback for poor economic vibrancy in the market and hence merely two or three organizers among hundred have dared to accelerate the budget to cross five lakh mark. Still, the Puja has open up opportunity for artisans from and outside state.

The artisans are mainly busy with constructing the marquees, beautification of it and arranging the lighting, making up the clay image. They have mixed response regarding their economic earnings during Puja. One artisan busy in making fine works for marquees with a local puja organizer is Bhabatosh Mandal from Midnapore, West Bengal.

He remarks, "Almost every year I visit this part of Tripura with my team. I work for three or four marquees throughout the state. And I get a good earning after all expenses." But the idolizers have a different view. One of the prominent idolizers of the district -Ranajit Bhattacharjee remarks, "In this period we remain busy with our trade. As the raw materials are not easily available and the price is rocketing up we cannot make much profit.

But the pathetic situation is this that the organizers never pay us fully. Some organizers pay us the full before taking the idols. But they are skeletal. And we have to line them up throughout the year. And our profit remains very meagre. But we cannot opt for other trade". In the Puja the artisans constructing the marquees also play important roles. Infact, without them the pomp of the Puja would diminish to a great extent.

One such artisan from the bordering subdivision of Kamalpur -- Manoj Ghosh informed, "We wait for the period throughout the year. Hailed from this region we have to make some compromise regarding monetary matters. Till we have some profit".
Shiba Prasad Kamila from Midnapore in West Bengal regularly makes idol for a local club almost for a decade. He asserted, "As we are outsiders, the organizers pay us full before we leave. And I work for only one club in the district and three more in the state for last ten years. Hence if they keep some amount uncleared it not becomes too much for me. But the local idolizers really suffer a lot as I have changed to interact with them a little".

The yearly festivity is hoped to usher happiness, joy and celebration for all. And the rank and files expect the organizers to ensure that to full extent. (UNI)