Printed books are here to stay:Ruskin Bond
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Printed books are here to stay:Ruskin Bond

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Kolkata, May 06: Printed books are here to stay for the tactile and visual satisfaction readers derive from them, feels celebrated writer Ruskin Bond."There are two kinds of readers, from my familiarity with publishers, my own books and writings... the printed book is very much the first choice of those who love literature, whereas those who wish to seek information or wish to improve their English, or acquire fluency and build confidence in it, go to technology," Mr Bond said at the launch of my ELSA, an English learning app here last week.

"I dont think there is likely to be an end to the printed books as a form of pleasurable reading...learning is something else, “opined the 85-year-old Sahitya Academy awardee. However, Mr Bond accepted that a lot of readers are turning to Amazon Kindle, but their number in India was minor compared to those who read printed books."I think reading is something we do one way or the other. This (technology) is an extension in the way of people's reading habits, “he observed. (UNI)