Manish Sisodia debuts as author with Penguin
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Manish Sisodia debuts as author with Penguin

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New Delhi, Apr 8 : Penguin Random House India on Monday announced the acquisition of the first writing venture by Delhi’s Deputy Chief Minister and Education Minister Manish Sisodia.

His debut book will release in September 2019; to be titled ‘Shikhsha: A Journey’, this will be a story of reformation and his experiences in transforming the public education system in Delhi.  Positioned as a book of hope, it will interest a wide spectrum of readers, including those exploring ideas of a welfare state, in the present and the future.
Mr Sisodia will recount this journey of raising the bar of public education in the state and the challenges he overcame to improve the infrastructure and quality of schooling.

Slated to be a candid anecdotal narration, this book will engage readers to know more about transforming a vision to a reality. Mr Sisodia is a senior leader of the Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) and a member of the Political Affairs Committee.  In the past, he was a journalist with Zee News and All India Radio, after which he was active in the struggle to pass the Right to Information Act and played a key role in laying the foundation of the Jan Lokpal Movement.

His significant contribution to reforming the education system in Delhi has gained him reputation around the country as one of the best education administrators and educationists in government.
Mr Sisodia says, “The transformation of each public school in Delhi is a story in itself. Each and every person who contributed into making this transformation possible is a protagonist. I had an ideal, a vision and an idea but seeing it all come true has been a dream and this book is only a milestone in my journey to reformation. ‘Shiksha: A Journey’ is a huge commitment and I am honoured to be able to tell this story. I am hoping my book is able to inspire people to work towards making welfare state a reality.”
While working as education Minister of Delhi, Mr Sisodia's work on education has been getting national and international attention.
He has presented Delhi's education model at various international education platforms.
Mr Sisodia was recently awarded 'finest education minister of the country' by Pranab Mukherjee, former President of India.
Mr Sisodia says this book is going to be a document about 'Idea of India through education'.
Premanka Goswami, senior commissioning editor at Penguin Random House India says, “ ‘Shiksha: A Journey’ by Manish Sisodia will capture his experiences as Delhi’s education minister, who was instrumental to bring tangible reformation in the city’s public school education system. With gripping anecdotes, in this book, Sisodia would narrate the story of innovative approach, determination, ups and downs and insatiable desire to bring positive change.”
Ranjana Sengupta, deputy publisher, Penguin Random House India says, “ ‘Shiksha: A Journey’ will be a powerful debut where Manish Sisodia not only describes the process through which Delhi’s underachieving public education system was transformed into being one of the best in India; he also chronicles the determination, the creative thinking and the passion behind this inspiring story of change.”