Telangana: Need to dispose of Covid-19 dead bodies at designated burial grounds
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Telangana: Need to dispose of Covid-19 dead bodies at designated burial grounds

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Hyderabad, Apr 11: A committee constituted by the Telangana government for monitoring disposals of suspected and confirmed COVID-19 dead bodies, has expressed the need for having designated burial grounds and cremation grounds preferable to be identified by District collectors to ensure decentralized safe disposal.

In case of Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation (GHMC) by Medchal, Rangareddy and Sanga Reddy districts need at least 20-30 acres for burial, the committee said. Post cremation, the ashes urn collected from the spot to be given to the family safely using gloves and sanitizers, Principal Secretary to Government (Municipal Administration and Urban Development) Mr. Arvind Kumar said in its order released recently.

To keep video and name wise photo coverage for purpose of record and daily, the total area of graveyard designated to be sprayed with disinfectant twice, it said. All surfaces inside graveyard to be power sprayed daily with sodium hypochlorite (1 per cent) solution and also to treat the trench with sodium hypochlorite fully before the arrival of the body.

The designated COVID body handling and transport staff shall unzip the plastic standardized body bag and sheet and lower into the grave- backfill with soil and spray sodium hypochlorite on top, it said. Family or relatives to be permitted duly following social distancing restricted to five persons and to be provided masks and sanitizers by District collector or ULB.

Concerned official to ensure the preparedness of existing burial or cremation grounds as per specifications duly demarcating COVID graveyard or cremation physically demarcated and separate approach – depth of each grave at least 8 feet with inter-spacing between graves of three feet.

Proper specified closed vehicle to carry the body in separate painted COVID-19 freezer box maintaining temperature of 4 degrees Celsius. Besides separate stretcher trolley with covid-19 painted to be arranged, dedicated and earmarked staff with full specified PPE and well trained for handling the dead bodies from the selected hospital to designated burial or cremation facility, the order said.

A COVID liaison officer from the hospital shall be the only single point informing and counselling the deceased corona suspect or positive person. No contact of doctors or nurses or staff with relatives directly and freezer boxes as per specification for preservation and transportation of COVID-19 dead bodies to be made available either through purchase or hire, it added. (UNI)