AP: Capsized boat salvaging operation makes headway, part of deck retrieved
Andhra Pradesh

AP: Capsized boat salvaging operation makes headway, part of deck retrieved

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Kakinada,Oct 18: The salvaging operation of the `Royal Vasista’, the ill fated tourist boat that capsized in river Godavari at Kachuluru on September 15, has proved partly successful, with the traditional fishing expert Dharmadi Satyam team retrieving part of the steel angler of the boat deck on Thursday .

Though the 40 tonne weight boat was traced at a depth of 120 feet and hooked with the help of a heavy weight anchor, the team could not pull it out. The single anchor that hooked the boat deck steel angler firmly when pulled by a crane could bring only the steel angler that fixed to the deck but not the entire boat.

Unless the boat was hooked on all sides with anchors it would not be possible to pull out such a heavy boat that got stuck up in the river bottom. As such the services of the expert divers would be engaged tomorrow who can godown to such depth and hook the boat firm’ said Dharmadi Satyam while explaining the difficulties involved to the supervising officials at the Kachulur site in the evening.

Meanwhile ITDA Rampachodavaram project officer Nishant kumar who is supervising the boat salvaging operation told media persons that every effort was being made to pull out the boat and one SDRF team was deployed to extend their services .

He clarified that there was no truth in the reports of discontinuing the boat salvaging operation. The efforts to fish out the boat were intensified and no question of shelving it abruptly as reported in some section of the media’ he clarified.

He hoped that the boat could be brought out in a day or two along with some more bodies that are trapped in the cabin. (UNI)