Permission not given to TDP to hold “Chalo Atmakuru” programme: HM
Andhra Pradesh

Permission not given to TDP to hold “Chalo Atmakuru” programme: HM

Agency News

Amaravati, Sep 9: Andhra Pradesh Home Minister Mekathoti Sucharita made it clear that permission had not been given to the Telugu Desam party for its “Chalo Atmakuru” programme, to be organised on September 11 in Palnadu region in Guntur district.

Addressing a press conference here on Monday, along with DGP Gautham Sawang, she said that the tranquillity prevailed in Palnadu region and appealed the opposition leaders not to spoil the peaceful atmosphere in the region.

Former Chief Minister N Chandrababu Naidu had given “Chalo Atmakuru” call to organise a demonstration and public meeting in protest against the attacks on the TDP activists in Palnadu region.

The Home minister said that during 2014-19, six political murders had taken place in Guntur rural district, of which 5 were taken place in the Palnadu region. Out of total 79 cases were registered in the Palnadu region, 36 cases were registered against YSRCP activists and 43 against the TDP activists for indulging in political related violence incidents.

“The police in the region are acting impartially in taking action and registering cases”, she said.

The Home minister informed that after the elections last April, cases under section 107 CrPC were registered against 1,255 persons and 110 CrPC against 385 persons in Palnadu region and they were made bind over.

Referring to the relief camp, being run by the TDP in Guntur in which the alleged victims of YSRCP attacks were given shelter, she alleged that the TDP is running the camp with paid artists. She dismissed Chandrababu Naidu’s allegations that the TDP activists were being attacked physically in the Palnadu region.

DGP Gautham Sawang said that Section 144 was clamped in the division. He made it clear that the TDP leaders had not asked the police for permission to organise “Chalo Atmakuru” programme and a public meeting.

“If they apply for permission, we will consider it. It is our responsibility to maintain law and order situation. Tranquillity prevailed in the Palnadu region and no one should try to spoil the peaceful atmosphere”, the State police chief said. (UNI)