River Godavari in spate
Andhra Pradesh

River Godavari in spate

Agency News

Eluru, 08 Sep 2019: River Godavari is in spate after heavy rains in the upper catchment areas.

The situation in the 36 submerged villages of Devipatnam mandal in East Godavari district and 19 Polavaram villages in West Godavari district has worsened. The road traffic between Polavaram and upstream villages of the Polavaram project have been distrupted. Floodwater on Saturday overflowed 12-feet above the causeway at Kothuru village.

People from West Godavari villages, which were inundated, have moved either to relatives houses on higher grounds or relief camps. They blamed the government for not sounding the advanced alerts.

Kothuru, Kondrukota, Vadapalli, Madapuram, Tellavaram, Gajulagondi, Pedduru, Paidakulamamidi, Sarugudu, Yarravaram, Tekuru, Sirivaka, Sivagiri, Koruturu, Telladibbalu, Cheeduru, Pallapuru, Paidipaka and Thutugunta remained completely cut off, due to inundation of the Kothuru causeway. The movement of the people to Polavaram where essentials are available has been cut off totally due to the rise of floodwater to the alarming level. The water-level at Polavaram CWC rose to 12.28 feet, while at Karoonavaram, it stood at more than 16 feet. (UNI)