Police arrests psycho hired killer
Andhra Pradesh

Police arrests psycho hired killer

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Chittoor, Aug 24 : Nagari police have arrested a psycho hired killer on Friday who was accused in seven murder cases in this district and adjacent Tamil Nadu regions.

The accused R Anand enjoys women sexually in unnatural way with their dead bodies after killing them. He took up the mission of murdering people for hire as part of his profession after killing an eight-year-old boy.

He was nabbed by Nagari police while they were investigating an attempt to murder case happened in M N Kandriga of Nagari constituency. The police have also arrested one accomplice and two persons who purchased gold from Anand even after knowing the details.

Chittoor Superintendent of Police Venkata Appalanaidu disclosing this to media on Saturday said, Anand who catches pigs by his caste and was working in a Sankar Sound and Light service shop in Arakkonam.

He killed an eight-year-old boy Bharat in 2015 , who was Sankar Sound and Light Services shop owner Sankar’s son. Anand was hired by Sankar’s relatives to take grudge on latter on property disputes. This was the first murder of Anand and later he took it as his profession.

Recently, on 24 August 2019, he tried to kill a married woman , Sarojamma(65), for which he was hired by her husband Gopal Reddy and elder son Narsimhulu. She had been living alone after getting separated from her husband who suspected her fidelity. In this case, Anand used a grinding stone to smash her head but fortunately she survived with major injuries and being treated in Chennai Government Hospital.

While Nagari police investigating this case, the contract killer Anand was arrested by them and the accused listed out all his crimes committed erstwhile.
He murdered three women of different areas in Nagari limits and had carried out four more murders in Arakkonam Taluk of Tamil Nadu, including eight year old Bharat murder. The remaining six murders except Bharat murder was done in between 2018 and 2019.

The accused committed all these brutal murders, most amongst them were head smashed assaults, for mere Rs 20,000 and Rs 30,000 which he used for meeting his mere vices like drinking alcohol and other bad desires.

In the investigation, he revealed that he had turned as a hired killer by getting inspired by one of Tamil Movie wherein burglars killed members of the house with one stroke before looting the house. Mr Naidu commended the skillful investigation taken up by the entire team of Nagari police for cracking the mystery behind murders and also for nabbing the criminal.

So far, the SP said, seven murders committed by the accused were came to light but, he has been suspecting that there would be some more murders in Tamil Nadu area which would be unearthed by police during their investigation.