River Krishna continues to be in spate
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River Krishna continues to be in spate

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Vijayawada, Aug 14: Several residential areas and villages were marooned in the flood water of River Krishna in Krishna and Guntur districts on Wednesday. All the 70 crest gates of Prakasam barrage were lifted to release water downstream into the sea. The heavy inflows continued into river Krishna today too. Irrigation officials said the Srisailam dam is receiving 7.78 lakh cusecs of water while 8.96 lakh was being released to the downstream Nagarjuna Sagar Project (NSP).

The water level at the project is 186.90 TMC against the full capacity of 215.81 TMC. The NSP is receiving 8.35 lakh cusecs of water and 5.94 lakh cusecs of water is being released to the downstream Pulichintala project. The water level at NSP is 280.99 TMC as against 312.05 TMC. The Pulichintala project is receiving 6.01 lakh cusecs inflow while 4.86 lakh cusecs being discharged to the downstream Prakasam barrage.
The Prakasam barrage, located on the south side of the city, is receiving 4.53 lakh cusecs of water and 4.86 lakh cusecs is being discharged into the sea.

The first level warning was sounded at Prakasam barrage. Following heavy discharge of floodwater from the Prakasam barrage, hundreds of houses were marooned in Krishna Lanka and Bhavanipuram here. Officials said that most of the denizens refused to leave the places for relief camps. The Jagayyapet-Mutyala road was inundated by floodwater disrupting vehicular traffic. Minister for Agriculture Kannababu said that several villages in 17 mandals in Krishna and Guntur district are likely to be marooned in flood waters. The flood water entered into some villages in Thotlavalluru mandal in Krishna district. UNI