Research, Innovation are keystones: Pranb Mukherjee
Andhra Pradesh

Research, Innovation are keystones: Pranb Mukherjee

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Visakhapatnam, Aug 10 : Former President and Bharat Ratna awardee, Pranab Mukherjee on Saturday evening called upon the universities, educational institutions, multinational companies and government organizations to make more investments on research for the development of the country in all fronts.

Addressing after receiving the 39th Gandhi Institute of Technology and Management(GITAM), deemed to be a university, foundation award during the foundation day celebrations of the university here, Pranab said research and innovation were the keystones for widening the country's production potential.

Unfortunately, investment in research in our country is lacking, he said R and D expenditure as a percentage of GDP is a mere 0.8 per cent in India while in Japan ( 3.6 % ), US (2.7 %) and China (2.0 %). Pranab said a healthy interface with the industry , would benefit higher educational institutions in terms of involvement of industry, personnel in curriculum design and project guidance, sponsorship of chair postilions and setting up an incubation centers and laboratories.
Now it is time for the universities and educational institutions and others to come forward to invest more on research work for the development, Pranab said Higher academic and research institutions must be the hotbeds of research activity.

Building a sound research Eco-system calls for a slew of measures like collaborative partnership and better financial incentives for attracting and retaining research talent.
'To imbibe a scientific temper and a spirit of inquiry in students, research at the undergraduate level must be promoted, he said.UNI