Concerns over Andaman’s vehicle tourist permit
Andaman & Nicobar Islands

Concerns over Andaman’s vehicle tourist permit

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Port Blair, Sep 07 : The recent decision of Andaman and Nicobar Administration to issue Tourist Permit for commercial vehicles to only those people, who have their land, has raised serious concerns in all over Andaman and Nicobar Islands.

Tour Operators, vehicle dealers, unemployed youths of Andaman have expressed serious concern over this issue.

Expressing serious concern over the new rule, Mr M Vinod the President of Andaman Association of Tour Operators (AATO) has requested immediate the intervention of Lt. Governor.

In a letter to the  Lt. Governor, Vinod said the transport department, had stopped the
issuance of permits (yellow board) to the vehicles owned by unemployed youth or investors since last one year and as a result, the unemployed youths who have availed the scheme benefits of PMEGP / Mudra / Standup and other loans for procurement of new vehicles are facing difficulties for earning their livelihood and repayment of EMI.

“Now the Transport Department has published order with regards to parking space for the issue of tourist permit where it is mentioned that people having land will only get tourist permit. We feel this rule will not help any unemployed youth of these islands as a lot of them don’t own land. AATO has always requested the authorities to kindly
consult the stakeholders before implementing any decision related to tourism industry which directly affects the livelihood of the islanders,”  Vinod added.(UNI)