Restoring the Balance of Nature

Restoring the Balance of Nature

 Amma - Sri Mata Amritanandamayi Devi

True religion tells us that all of creation is a manifestation of God. If this is so, we must love and concern for nature as well as for our fellow men. The scriptures say ‘Isavasyamidam Sarvam’: that everything is permeated with God conscious. The earth, trees, plants and animals are all manifestations of God. We should love them as we love our own Self. Actually, we should love them even more than ourselves, because only with nature’s support can human beings exist. It is said that we should plant two trees for every one we cut down. However when a large tree is replaced by two seedlings, the balance of nature is not maintained. If a disinfectant is added to water in a smaller proportion than required, its effect will be minimized. If an Ayurvedic medicine which is to be prepared with ten different ingredients is prepared with only eight, the medicine will not have the desired effect. Animals, plants and trees all contribute to the harmony of nature. It is a man’s duty to protect and preserve them, for they are helpless to defend themselves. If we continue to destroy them, it will do the world great harm.

Mother remembers that in her childhood cow dung would be placed directly upon the site of a vaccination in order to prevent infection. But today, cow dung will make a wound septic. Due to the toxins with which man has polluted the environment, our immune systems have become weakened, and the cow dung has also become harmful.

In times past, the lifespan of an ordinary person was over one hundred years, whereas nowadays, it is considerably less. There are rare cases today where people live for more than one hundred years, but this is usually accompanied with poor health and great suffering. Untreatable diseases have become prevalent due to man’s transgression of the laws of nature.

How much pollution has been caused by the smoke from factories? Mother is not suggesting that we close the factories; She is only saying that part of the profits should be for devising methods to reduce pollution and to revive and protect the environment.

In olden days, rain and sunshine came at the right time and supported the cycle of growth and harvest. There was no need for irrigation because everything was taken care of by nature. Nowadays, we have strayed from the path of dharma [right action]. We are not at all concerned about nature, and therefore, nature is reacting. The same cool breeze which once caressed mankind has now turned into a tornado.

We may doubt whether we have the power to restore the lost balance in nature. We may ask, ‘Are we human beings not too limited?’ No, we are not! We have infinite power within us, but we are fast asleep and unaware of our strength. This power rises up when we awaken within. Religion is life’s greatest secret which enables us to awaken this unlimited, but dormant inner power.

The Sanatana Dharma proclaims, ‘O man, you are not a tiny candle, you need not depend on someone else for your light. You are the self-luminous sun.’ As long as you think you are the body, you are like a small battery whose power is easily drained. But when you know yourself to be the ‘Atman’, you are like a giant battery connected to the cosmic power supply, which provides you with continuous and inexhaustible strength. When connected to God, The Self, the Source of all power, your energy never diminishes. You are able to tap into your infinite potential. Be aware of your own immense power and strength. You are not a meek little lamb, you are a majestic, powerful lion. You are the cosmic energy, the all powerful.