Amma - Sri Mata Amritanandamayi Devi

While working, we must cultivate an attitude of detachment, like butter floating on water. Imagine that God is working through us. Thus, the work will not bind us in any way. Let us be like a conduit. Such an attitude is true devotion. Praying without feeling compassion for others is like pouring milk into a dirty vessel.

In order to awaken the correct attitude, we must cultivate selfless devotion. What we really need is love. Where does that love begin? It must begin at home. The wife longs for the husband’s affection, and vice versa. This is a coming together of two beggars. Neither is wise, neither knows how to understand each other, and neither expresses love to the other. Of what use is honey if trapped in a rock? Therefore, express love we must.

Similarly we must express love towards our children. We might buy them a car, bike or other things, or give them opportunities to pursue higher education. However, even if we lavish them with all these, if we do not love them and teach them values, they will remain incapable of receiving or expressing love. In order to start a car, petrol alone isn’t sufficient; the car needs a battery too. Likewise, the values we impart to children during their childhood will hold them in good stead throughout their life.

There are more people in the West with mental illness than in India. People there have all kinds of wealth, but because they lead purely material lives, their values have eroded. That said, they are gradually coming to understand values and spiritual principles. But where are we turning to? Amma isn’t saying we should discard all things Western, but we must inculcate values and then forge ahead in life. We will then certainly succeed……

Spirituality and materialism are not different. One who learns to swim in the waves will enjoy swimming in the ocean. Others will flounder. Spirituality teaches one how to move ahead without floundering in material life.

An appliance comes with a manual that teaches how to operate the appliance. Spirituality is the manual that helps us to understand the principles on which we should conduct our lives.

The sound produced by the coming together of both lips is one. Though we have two eyes, what we see is one. Even if there are two lamps, the light is one. Likewise though the husband and wife are two bodies, they are different faces of the one Self. Though Shiva and Shakti of the Puranas are different, they are one from the spiritual viewpoint. What makes a family beautiful and safe is the unity of hearts. One gets married in order to compensate for inadequacies, and not to try and dominate the other. We must foster this understanding.

Many children ask what is the difference between worldly songs and prayer? In this world, which is marked by inner and outer impurity, singing the glories of God is one means of realizing the Divine. When we sing songs that rouse worldly emotions, we create similar vibrations in our mind and atmosphere. Such a mind becomes less and less discerning, and consequently, torments others. It is like going into a charcoal factory; one will find oneself coated with fine carbon particles. In contrast, when we pray, we awaken within ourselves noble vibrations that purify the cells of our body If one listens to bhajans attentively, one’s heart becomes soft and tender. This is like going into a perfume factory instead; it will touch you with its fragrance. Like the salty seawater, which evaporates, condenses and comes back to us as rainfall praying to God gives us strength. In this way, both our inner and outer lives become a beautiful melody.

Every attitude has a unique vibration. Each one has its own consequence too. The vibrations created by laughter are not the same as that created by anger. Anger is like a double edged knife without a handle; it is dangerous both to the angry person and the one towards whom the anchor is directed. We must sublimate emotions like anger. The vibrations created by mother’s affection towards her child are not the same as that of lust. The vibrations of love are different.

May pure love fill my children’s every word, look and deed. May you all become the light of this world. May divine grace bless you all.