Amma - Sri Mata Amritanandamayi Devi

Children, many of us live full of sorrow and a sense of hopelessness. We are anxious about the past and what will happen in the future. Everywhere we look, we see problems: at home, in the office, among relatives, with neighbours… Stressing over these problems, our health deteriorates and our life span shortens. What is the root cause of all these problems? It is our ignorance regarding our true nature. How can a king who is unaware he is a king experience and enjoy all the royal comforts? How can he properly conduct his royal duties? We are likewise entangled in ignorance—spiritual ignorance.

Once, a famous writer had a car accident and injured his head. After prolonged treatment, most of his health returned. He was able to think and act. But there was a problem. He could not remember his past. He did not recognise his own children. The older son got an idea. He gave his father his own autobiography to read. In that book, he had written very touchingly about his son’s birth and their relationship. Reading the book, the writer’s eyes filled with tears. He said, “The book is great. Who wrote it?”

Currently we all have an illness similar to that of this writer. We have lost ourselves.

The scriptures say that we are perfect and whole. We are the embodiments of limitless peace and joy. But we have assumed we are this body. The cause for all our sorrow is this our wrong knowledge. Because of this, right knowledge is the only solution to all our problems. “Who am I in reality? What is my true nature?” We should inquire into our self in this way until we discover our true nature. This is the path of knowledge.

Our present body has transformed so much from how it was when we were born. Every moment, cells in our body get destroyed and regenerate. Our mind also keeps changing. Our emotions and thoughts keep changing. The capabilities of our intellect also keep changing. But amidst all these changes, the consciousness that is “I” remains unchanged. This consciousness, which is the Self, is ever free and the embodiment of bliss. We should search and find the “I” that is beyond all change.

If a small lamp is lit in a room that has been dark for a thousand years, the darkness will be removed that very second. In the same way, when spiritual knowledge dawns, ignorance instantly disappears. In one moment, bondage and sorrow are gone forever.

Amma, Sri Mata Amritanandamayi Devi