The Uniqueness of Sri Krishna

The Uniqueness of Sri Krishna

 Amma - Sri Mata Amritanandamayi Devi

Children, the reality of God is beyond thought or words. No amount of explanation can convey the sweetness of honey. But when a drop of honey falls on our tongue, we will know what that sweetness is. Similarly, when God appears in the midst of us, taking human form, accepting all the limitations of a physical body, we are able to know God.

Maintaining dharma, clearly defining dharmic actions for the current time, giving advice for spiritual upliftment, nurturing culture and engaging in leelas for the devotees to meditate upon, etc—all of these are the duty of an avatara. Lord Krishna fulfilled all of these dharmas in an unparalleled manner. His ever-sweet nature, the varied roles he played and his total detachment were the unique. Just as a talented actor can exquisitely play numerous roles, Lord Krishna transformed this world into his stage. He effortlessly took upon each role he was given and effortlessly removed each one as well. He never got attached to anything but made everything beautiful.

Lord Krishna's life was filled with contradictions. He was born completely liberated, but in a jail cell. His childhood was filled with the playfulness and innocence of a naughty child, but he also did amazing feats impossible for even adults. Then he became the king and lord of the world. But he always surrendered to the devotion of innocent and humble people. He led the life of a supreme householder, but he lived with the purity of a celibate. During the big yaga attended by sages and kings, the lord received Yudhishthira’s ceremonial worship, but later he was also ready to wash the feet of the guests.

Whatever the action, do it with complete involvement but without any attachment. That was his way.

He became Arjuna’s charioteer and imparted to him the Bhagavad-Gita. The Lord showed Arjuna his visvarupam, but the next moment we saw him serving as an ordinary charioteer, taking care of the horses. Who else but the lord could hold such polar opposites in the palm of his hand? No matter what his attire or what field of action he was engaged in, within the Lord was ever detached.

The perfection of Sri Krishna’s life is also seen in all of his teachings. He showed the way to progress in both material and spiritual life. He taught the way to transform actions, which normally bind us, into a path to liberation. He advised us to perform action with detachment. When we realise the truth, “I do not do anything; it is God who acts through me,” we become God’s instrument. After that, no action can bind us. We will also be freed of all fears and tension. This is what Sri Krishna taught us.

Amma, Sri Mata Amritanandamayi Devi