Amma - Sri Mata Amritanandamayi Devi

Children, in order to truly succeed in life, it is essential to have contentment. Contentment is the biggest wealth. If the poorest person in this world has contentment, he is the wealthiest. Without contentment, the richest person is the poorest. So, try to be satisfied with what you have. Nothing external can provide us with lasting satisfaction. But if we can awaken inner contentment, we won’t need anything else.

Two sons were born to the same mother. One becomes a district collector and the other a clerk under him. Is it of any use if the son who becomes the clerk is sad about being a clerk? It would only bring him down. Being jealous of those above us and putting ourselves down is not going to help. If we think with discernment, however, we can find contentment in any situation. If we have inner contentment, material progress will come easily.

Once, in a village, lived an old man. He continuously fought with his neighbours. He also complained about anything and everything. He was never really happy or content. As days passed, his behaviour and nature got worse. Because of this, the other people in his village would avoid him if they saw him coming.

Then, the old man turned 80. Suddenly, an unbelievable change was seen in him. After that, he always appeared happy. He had no complaints or ill feelings towards anyone. He didn’t fight with anyone. He would smilingly and lovingly talk to everyone. Seeing the change in the old man, all the villagers gathered around him and asked him what had happened.

The old man replied, “Nothing special. For 80 years, I pursued worldly things for happiness and comfort. I blamed others for my sorrows and difficulties. But then I realised that it was pointless to pursue worldly comfort. I decided to think of hardship and fortune as one and the same and to enjoy life in the moment. From that day onwards, I became happy and content.”

We will never experience complete contentment from sense pleasure. After eating payasam, we may think we will never need payasam again. But after some time, we will just crave twice as much. Desires can never be destroyed through their fulfilment. We must contemplate with discernment and overcome them. We must find happiness and contentment within. Only then can we attain perfection in life.

Amma, Sri Mata Amritanandamayi Devi