Amma - Sri Mata Amritanandamayi Devi

Children, our noble heritage teaches us to take every step in life with remembrance and worship of God. The foundation of this tradition is our firm belief that the only reason for all our talents, abilities, good qualities and success is God’s grace and blessings. For this reason, our ancestors took extra care to connect any type of celebration with God. During the nine days of Navaratri, we pray to Devi as the embodiment of knowledge and perform vidyarambam and start all of our duties anew as a beginner.

Brahman, the supreme consciousness, is nondual and without a second. How did the manifold universe emerge from the nondual Brahman? That is a wondrous enigma. The source of this enigma—the Brahmasakti or Adiparasakti—is what we worship as Devi.

Devi is the divine master of creation, sustenance and dissolution. She is both avidya—the ignorance that causes samsara—as well as vidya—the knowledge that delivers us from samsara. Devi, who is the source of everything auspicious, blesses us with all prosperity. She is the Divine Mother who wipes away the sorrows of those who surrender to her.

Once there was a king who was childless. He and his queen were very sad. Finally, as advised by their guru, they conducted a yajna. The queen soon became pregnant.  She gave birth to a beautiful baby. But, alas, the child was stillborn. Overcome with grief, the king prepared to take his own life. At that moment Devi appeared. She picked up the child’s lifeless body, and immediately the baby came to life. But the next moment, Devi prepared to leave, taking the baby with her. “Wait! Please give me back my baby!” the king cried. But Devi didn’t stop. That is when the king recognised his mistake. He thought, “If Devi gave life to the baby, then doesn’t the baby belong to her?” He said, “Mother, this baby belongs to you. May your wish prevail.” He then started praising Devi. It was then that Devi gave him the baby back. Smiling, Devi said, “This baby will become famous. He will have all the divine qualities and become a mahatma.” With these words, Devi disappeared.

Everything in this world belongs to God alone. If things were really ours, wouldn’t they be under our control? But nothing is. Everything happens according to God’s will. Therefore, we should not be attached to anything. Take your role in the world—as a mother, a father, an employee, a boss, a child, etc—as something given to you by God and then do your dharma as a worship of God. Then you will definitely receive divine grace.

In these times when the relationships between parents and children are rapidly deteriorating, there is special relevance to worshipping of God in the form of the Divine Mother. It will help bring back to life our deep value system.

Amma, Sri Mata Amritanandamayi Devi