Be Happy in the Moment

 Amma - Sri Mata Amritanandamayi Devi

Children, ordinarily our mind never stays in the present moment, no matter what we are doing. “Will I be able to become a doctor? Will I be able to build a good house? Will I be able to buy a good car?” Like this, we think about many things that may happen in the future, and we are forever in unrestful state.Because of this, we are unable to experience peace for even a moment. Our mental state is like that of a person who is lying under a tree where a poisonous snake has its hole. How can he sleep peacefully knowing that at any moment the snake may crawl out and bite him? This is how our mind get tense—becoming anxious about the future.

Once a housewife consulted an astrologer. She handed over her horoscope, packed in beautifully wrapped paper. She expressed a desire to know about matters of the future. The astrologer opened the package and took out the horoscope. He studied if for some time and thensaid, “Your husband just retired—didn’t he?” She said, “Yes,” with a look of surprise. The astrologer took some more time and said, “Your eldest child is a boy—right?” Now, with an even more surprised expression, she said, “Yes, you’re right!” The respect and faith she had in the astrologer increased, “Your youngest child is a girl. She must be approaching marriageable age.” “Yes! yes!” she said ecstatically.“Will she get a good husband soon?” The astrologer smiled and said, “Looking at the ration card you gave me, this is all that I can tell you. Next time, don’t forget to bring the horoscope.”

This is what happens to all of us. Because of our anxiety over the future, we don’t live in the present moment with awareness, and we make a mess of things.

It is said that anxiety over the future takes us to the cremation ground. Not much good comes from worrying over the future. Our past experiences are proof of this. In the past, we worried about all kinds of things, but looking back we know that 90 per cent of those worries were for nothing. It will be the same with the future. It is the nature of life to have ups and downs. We must be able to receive all of them with equanimity of mind.

The easiest way to be victorious over sorrows is to free our mind from the memories or worries that cause them. The true nature of our mind is to be peaceful and blissful. By not allowing our mind to become turbulent, we can experience a natural state of bliss. With this kind of peaceful mind, do your actions with discernment. Then your future will be secure. Victory in life will be yours.

by Amma, Sri Mata Amritanandamayi Devi