The Power of Good

The Power of Good

 Amma - Sri Mata Amritanandamayi Devi

Children, at present, we are living in an age when people are becoming more and more selfish and keeping to themselves. The love and cooperation that existed between neighbours have become nothing but fairy tales. Even among family members, communication is decreasing. For the most insignificant matters, relationships are shattered. Elders are being ignored. Today, we lack even time to spend with our own children.

In olden times, things were different. Thirty to 40 to 50 people lived together as one family. How loving and united they were! The elders were well-respected, and listening to their opinions mattered. The rest of the family took good care of them. But today if there are three people in one family, they all live like isolated islands. Everyone lives according to their own wishes. There is absolutely no compatibility.

What is the reason? Today, people give generally more importance to comfort, name and fame. But in olden times, people gave importance to values and ideals. From a young age, they understood spirituality. They knew what life was and what it was all about. Disregarding their sorrows, they were able to lead a content life because of their spiritual knowledge and awareness of values.

Imagine a house with five family members. The oldest is very short-tempered and easily gets angry. The second person is fond of luxury. The third likes to start fights. The fourth guy has a bit of a habit of stealing. But the fifth is totally different. He has good character, spends money only when necessary, gets involved in good activities without wasting any time. He helps others to the best of his ability. He is patient and kind. He talks to others with love. Who takes away the agitation in the environment and establishes harmony there? Definitely, the fifth person.

In every house, if there is at least one person living with good values and ideals, he would be able to establish peace and love. He would become a role model for others. If there are a few of these people in society, they would be able to bring positive changes in the society. This is the power of good and being a good role model. But in order for this to happen, awareness of values and spiritual knowledge is very important.

People who live internalising spiritual awareness will have the ability to be patient with other’s mistakes and inabilities and encourage the good in them. The ability to share spiritual knowledge with others is invaluable, especially at times of sorrow or in weak moments. Spirituality is the principle that transcends all life’s problems and bring hearts together.

Amma, Sri Mata Amritanandamayi Devi