The Greatness of Patience

The Greatness of Patience

 Amma - Sri Mata Amritanandamayi Devi

Children, often we fail when we come to crossroads in life. During such difficult circumstances, many of us often react impulsively or give up easily. Instead, we must give things a little more time and patience, and approach our problems with discernment. Only after that should we, with discernment, take a decision. In this way we can successfully overcome any kind of difficulty.

In a village there lived a model family. The entire village lived peaceful, content lives, taking inspiration from this family whose lives were filled with goodness and love. All of the village people prepared to celebrate the couple’s 30th wedding anniversary. One of them asked the couple. “We have all heard that you have never had an argument in all 30 years of your marriage. What is your secret?”

The wife answered, “It’s no big secret. On the third day after our wedding, we went on a holiday. We also took a donkey to carry our bags. On the way, the donkey tripped. My husband didn’t like this. He held onto the donkey’s ear, and said, ‘This is your first warning. Pay attention!’ After a while, the donkey fell again. My husband became so angry that he took both of the donkey’s ears and roared, ‘This is your second warning. Pay attention! Got it?’ We continued. Halfway through the journey, the donkey fell down and collapsed from exhaustion. My husband could not control his anger. He took out his gun and shot the donkey in the head. Seeing this, I said with a lot of sadness, ‘That was an innocent animal. Was it right to kill it?’ Upon hearing this, my husband grabbed my ear and said, ‘This is your first warning. Be careful.’

“I was flabbergasted! How will I live with someone who gets so angry so quickly? So, I decided to be a little patient and to go forward carefully. Eventually I understood that, even though my husband was easily provoked, he was also a person with a loving and service-oriented nature. Gradually, he also understood more about me. Thus, we have lived until now, in love and unity.”

The wife could have reacted. She could have applied for a divorce the very next day. Instead, she took the path of patience and understanding. We must not be quick to judge. Everyone has goodness in them. We must try to recognise it. We will be able to overcome most problems with patience, cooperation and mutual understanding.

Amma, Sri Mata Amritanandamayi Devi