Fate & Effort

Fate & Effort

 Amma - Sri Mata Amritanandamayi Devi

Children, everyone wants to experience pleasure and happiness all the time. But no one can completely avoid life’s sorrows. While at a crossroads, facing obstacles, some will blame their fate and do nothing. Others will look to escape from life’s difficulties in the easiest way possible. But our only hope is to do good actions in the present.

Once a person prayed to God like this: “Dear God, when I have to face bad times, please give me a warning.” One day, a guest came to his house and said, “I am the God of Bad Times. You prayed every day that you wanted a warning when bad times were coming your way. So, in one month, you will lose your vision.”

Hearing this, the man started to tremble with fear. He begged the God of Bad Times to somehow save him from this danger.

The deity said, “I am totally helpless. It’s impossible for me not to do my duty.”

Hearing this, the man had an idea. He said, “So be it. I am not going to stand in the way of your duty. You’re my guest. Come, let’s have tea.”

He made two cups of tea. In one cup, he added a very potent poison. He felt that if the deity drank the tea, his bad times would go away forever. But in his hurry, he gave the deity the tea without the poison and he drank the tea with the poison instead. Soon after the deity left, the man began to experience extreme discomfort. His neighbours took him to the hospital, but none of the treatments were effective, and he lost his vision. Then the God of Bad Times visited him and said, “In order to avoid your bad times, you resorted to wicked actions. If instead you had done good actions and prayed to God, you could have retained vision in at least one eye.”

We write our own fate through our own actions. There is no reason to blame anyone else. It is our creation—a creation of our ego. It is meaningless to lament over our fate. To do so is not a solution. If we are currently experiencing the results of our previous bad actions, then if we make sure our present actions are good, our future will be bright. The ink with which we correct our mistakes is here before us. The actions we do with proper judgment in the present moment is the right ink. Do good deeds with an awareness of righteousness. Stay close to God. This will help lessen suffering in the present moment and the future will become our best friend.

Amma, Sri Mata Amritanandamayi Devi