Amma, Sri Mata Amritanandamayi Devi

Many people ask if reincarnation is true. If this birth is true, then why shouldn’t rebirth be true as well? It is incorrect to think that life can be measured with reason alone. Life is a mix of reason and mystery.

Everything in the universe is cyclical. We can see this in the changing seasons, the earth circling the sun, the revolving of the planets and so on. This same cyclical nature is there when it comes to birth and death as well. Therefore, since we are living now, we can assume that we have lived before and will live again in the future.

Once, a pair of twins were talking in the womb of their mother. The sister told the brother, “I believe there is life after birth.”

The brother didn’t agree. “No way! Beyond the womb, there is nothing. What we see before us is all there is. Anyway, this world is great. It is dark and warm. All our food is piped in through this cord. We should never disconnect from it!”

The sister said, “It is my firm belief that there is another world beyond this that is vast and full of life.”

The brother could not accept this and even made fun of her.

The sister said, “You may have difficulty believing it, but I believe that we have a mother.”

Mother? What foolishness are you talking? Neither you or I have ever seen this ‘Mother.’ I can never believe that a mother we have never seen exists.”

The sister said, “During certain silent and quiet moments, I can hear this mother sing. I am then able to experience our mother’s love and compassion covering and caressing us.”

The saints and sages, who are knowers of truth, were the first to spread the knowledge of reincarnation to the world. We do not fully experience the results of the good and bad actions we perform in this life. We experience that in our future births. The reason for reincarnation is so that we can reap the fruits of our actions.

During the time of death, the being leaving the body will have a mix of good and bad tendencies. But without a physical body, that being will not be able to act upon those tendencies. Therefore, after death, the individual enters another body in order to do so.

If we cannot remember the lyrics of a song we learnt in our youth, can we say that we never knew the song? Similarly, just because we cannot remember incidents and experiences from a previous life, we cannot say that there was no previous birth. It may not be possible for ordinary people to remember their previous lives. But when the mind becomes subtle through meditation, one can come to remember them.

Amma, Sri Mata Amritanandamayi Devi