What Is Spirituality?

What Is Spirituality?

Amma, Sri Mata Amritanandamayi Devi

Children, people often ask if spirituality isn’t just running away from life. You must understand, real spirituality is can never be escapism. Running away is the path of cowards. Spirituality is the path of the brave. It is a science that teaches us to how to be strong when facing any crisis and how to always maintain happiness and contentment. Spirituality helps us to deeply understand life and to maintain the right attitude towards it.

Spirituality is perceiving your True Self. It is the search into who we are and what life is for. Through that, we are able to understand the nature of the world and its objects.

Currently, we believe that happiness lies in material objects. But if that were the case, then wouldn’t we be content upon acquiring them? On the contrary, we see a millionaire owning a jet, a boat and a mansion but still being full of tension and sorrow.

Once, in a village, in two neighbouring huts, lived two families. The head of one of the families saved money and built a good house. Then his neighbour started worrying, thinking, “He already owns a house. I’m still living in this hut.” So, soon, he started struggling to save money. He also borrowed some. In this way, he strove to build a house. As he did so, he would dream of how one day he would happily live in his new house.

When his house was finally finished, he jumped with joy. He invited his relatives and friends for a feast and started living happily in the new house. But after a few months, he became depressed. Someone asked him, “What’s wrong?”

He replied, “Our neighbour has installed air-conditioning unit in his house and laid a marble floor. My house is a dump.”

The house that once filled him with joy now was a source of sorrow. This proves that happiness is not located in material objects. In reality, our experience of happiness is dependent upon our mind. When the mind becomes peaceful, we will be able to experience happiness without any problem.

When we realise the secret behind happiness, we will stop blindly chasing after material objects. When we imbibe spirituality, we will be able to see our fellow man as our own Self. We will share our extra money with the poor and needy. We will become ready to love and serve others with an open heart. True spirituality attainment is found in having the mental strength to face anything and in compassionately serving the world.

Amma, Sri Mata Amritanandamayi Devi