Amma, Sri Mata Amritanandamayi Devi

Many situations in life can shake our peace and contentment. But we should be careful not to hold on to them. Moreover, we should welcome such situations, understanding that they are opportunities to nurture our patience. We never get angry at a crow when it evacuates on our head. So, if we try, we will can maintain similar attitude in all circumstances.

A person with a peaceful mind will be able to properly understand and respond to a situation. If the mind becomes restless and agitated, we will not be able to evaluate things objectively. This can result in misunderstandings, unwise reactions and, in the end, failure.

Once, there was an assembly in a king’s palace. A person entered and, with folded hands, said, “I am a trader. I’ve visited many kingdoms. Wherever I go, I always ask the same question to all the wise men. But so far none of them have been able to properly answer. Likewise, I wish to challenge all the learned men in your assembly and all the citizens of your kingdom.”

The king gave him permission. The trader pulled out two objects of the same size, shape and colour. Placing them on the table in front of the king, he said, “One of these objects is an invaluable gem and the other is mere glass. Which one is the gem? If someone can tell me, I will give it to him. But if no one can identify the gem, then you should give me money equivalent to the gem’s value.”

No one in the assembly could select the gem.

But at the last moment, a blind man came forward to take on the challenge. The blind man touched both the objects. Then, picking up one of them, he said, “This is the real gem.”

The trader admitted that he was right.

The king then asked the blind man, “How did you recognise the real gem?”

He replied, “One of them had gotten hot in the sun. But the other was still cool. That is how I knew it was the gem.”

Similarly, the person who retains his cool even in difficult circumstances is the real gem; he attains success in life. A person who loses his presence of mind in difficult times is like the glass.

Equanimity helps us to evaluate circumstances and situations with a clarity. Through this, we acquire the maturity to face all situations in the proper way.

Amma, Sri Mata Amritanandamayi Devi