Awakening the Power Within You

Awakening the Power Within You

Children, many of us fail in life because we do not recognise our own capabilities and do not use them properly. A very important aspect of success is realising our own talents and weaknesses, irrespective of our field of work. In reality, unlimited possibilities and power are hidden within each of us. When these are recognised and nurtured, we will be able to succeed at any critical juncture.

Once, a person was driving a truck on the highway. Along the way, the truck caught fire. He stopped the vehicle and called the fire station. Fire fighters arrived and quickly put out the fire. When the back of the truck was opened, they saw that half of the truck was filled with furniture, most of which had been destroyed by the fire. But they were astonished when they checked the other half; it was full of fire-fighting equipment! The driver was unaware of the fact that the truck he was driving contained the very equipment necessary to extinguish the fire. If he had known that, the fire could have been put out earlier. Our situation is like that of this driver. Many times, we don’t realise our own potential or we only use our talents partially.

Imagine an establishment that has spent crores of rupees to own a super computer and then they only use it to handle their own accounting. For that, a simple, ordinary computer would be enough. They are not utilising even one per cent of the super computer’s potential. That is how we waste our human life. Let us take another example. A coolie uses his head to carry heavy things. A scientist uses his head to unveil the secrets of universe that can be used to uplift humankind. All of us have heads and brains, but very few of us make full use of them.

One who is used to only carrying light weights will fall down if made to carry a heavy weight. However, if he sets his mind to it, with constant perseverance and effort, he can increase his physical strength. By gradually increasing the weight he lifts, he can eventually come to be able to lift even huge weights. Likewise, with constant effort, we also can gradually increase our hidden talents and capabilities and thus attain major achievements.

Amma, Sri Mata Amritanandamayi Devi