Having the Correct Attitude Is Everything

Having the Correct Attitude Is Everything

Amma, Sri Mata Amritanandamayi Devi

Children, there are many people living in total disappointment due to problems arising from work and life in general. This is mainly due to their mental attitude or their incorrect outlook on life. Their lives would be be greatly transformed if there were someone who could show them the right path and encourage them along it. Then they would no longer feel burdened and could even become positive role models for others.

Once, a college student really wanted to become a doctor. However he failed the MBBS entrance exam by one mark and was denied admission to medical college. Greatly disappointed, his mind did not allow him to join any other course of study. After a while, he gave in to his relatives’ desires and applied for a job in a bank. He got the job but continued to brood over how he had failed to become a doctor. Because of this, he was unable to serve the bank’s customers with love or even to smile at them. Realising his mental state, a friend took him to see a guru. The man opened up to the guru and shared his heart. “My mind is not in my possession. I get angry over small things. I am unable to treat the bank customers with respect. Under these circumstances, I don’t think I can continue to work there. What should I do?”

The guru comforted him and said, “Son, if I were to send a very close friend there, how would you treat him?”

“I would happily help him with whatever he needed.”

“If that is the case, then from now on, look upon each customer as someone specially sent to you by God. Then you will be able to interact with each individual with love.”

From that day onwards, the young man experienced a major transformation in his attitude. This transformation reflected in his every thought and action. As he learned to look at each customer as sent by God—as the very image of God—his actions verily became a form of worshipping God. All grief was lifted from his mind. His heart was filled with contentment and satisfaction. He was able to spread the happiness he felt to everyone with whom he interacted.

To cultivate the right mental attitude, devotion is very helpful. A person who has faith in God will have God as the very centre of his existence. He will see God in everything. He will surrender all his actions to God. Thus, if one is able to see his actions as worship of God, it not only helps the person who does the actions but also benefits all of society.

Amma, Sri Mata Amritanandamayi Devi