Ending Corruption

Ending Corruption

Children, today corruption is increasing in all sectors of society. This is not only in India; in one form or another, there is corruption throughout the world. Generally, we only talk about financial corruption, but exploiting nature, terrorism, stirring up war and conflict and creating misunderstandings by lying are all forms of corruption. This is because these are all deviations from the righteousness.

The basic reason for the increase in corruption is the deterioration of universal values in society. Unaware of the decline in compassion, patience, honesty and other such values, we focus on finding external reasons for such corruption and on finding solutions to them. However, injustice, violence, aggression and cruelty are all happening because of the impurities and crookedness of in human minds.

Today’s world has become blinded with greed. “Get as much as you can, however you can!” This has become instilled in the mind of society. If the law and government close one door, people will find 10 other doors. In foreign countries, if cars drive faster than a certain speed, the police will stop them and give them a heavy fine. If they are caught breaking the speed limit three times, their license will be revoked. There is how strict the law is there. But in response to this, many people buy devices to detect where police cars are waiting and where speed cameras are installed. In the same way, people committed to amassing wealth illegally, will always come up with new methods to do so.

To stop corruption, we must have laws and regulations without any loopholes as well as technical knowledge. Police, courts and governments must adopt tactics and policies without compromise. The media also has to play its role of informing the public of corruption. Its stance should be neutral, impartial and brave, without covering things up or exaggerating.

However, along with such external solutions, there should also be a change in the human mind. For that, spiritual values should be given importance in education. Our understanding of good and bad must start in our home. Parents should become role models for their children in both word and deed. We should try to create an atmosphere in homes and educational institutions where values such as mutual love, respect, faith, and compassion for people and nature grow. Then we will be able to find solutions to the corruption we see in the world around us to a great degree.

Amma, Sri Mata Amritanandamayi Devi