Amma, Sri Mata Amritanandamayi Devi

Question: Today, the whole country is seeing clashes, murders and riots. Countries are waging war and terrorist attacks against each other. Is there a solution to these problems? What is the ideal world that Amma envisages?

Amma: The solution to all the problems in the world today is, in a word, compassion. However, that compassion must be firmly rooted in spirituality. Only then will it have both depth and breadth.

The aim of all human beings is to gain happiness and contentment at the individual and societal levels. However, our problems are increasing by the day. Meanwhile, all the countries have tried increasing their might on various fronts, including the political, military, nuclear, economic, scientific and technological fronts. Have they gained peace and contentment as a result? Time has shown that man will not gain happiness and spiritual fulfilment through these means. Therefore, human beings can enjoy peace and contentment only if they bolster their spiritual strength as well.

Actually, there is only one difference between people in rich countries and those in poorer ones. Those in rich countries cry in the air-conditioned rooms of their big bungalows whereas people in poor countries weep on the bare floor of their huts. This is the only difference.

Today, we seek external causes for all the problems in the world and then try to solve these problems. Amidst these efforts, we have forgotten the mighty truth that “the human mind is the source of all problems, and that the world will improve only when the mind improves.” Therefore, along with understanding the outer universe, human beings must also understand the inner universe.

What we need is neither a contentment forced upon us by someone nor posthumous peace. Peace prevails in a community when everyone in that community does his or her duty. True peace will prevail only when human beings revere each other as spiritual beings.

Prayer and spiritual practices have become more relevant today than ever before. Some might wonder, “What difference can my individual prayer make?” Do not think in this manner. Through prayer, we sow the seed of love. Even if just one flower blossoms in the desert, isn’t that something? If one tree grows there, won’t it provide at least a little shade? Prayer is love. Through prayer, the pure vibrations of love spread throughout the world.

Amma’s dream world is like this: everyone in the world should sleep without fear for at least one day. Everyone should be able to eat to their hearts’ content for at least one day. There should be at least one day when no one is hospitalized because of aggression or violence. For at least one day, everyone - from little children to the elderly - should work selflessly, even if it means making toys and selling them, and use the money earned to help the poor and the refugees. Amma prays that this state of affairs comes to pass some day!

Amma, Sri Mata Amritanandamayi Devi