Try to Understand the Suffering of your Neighbour

Try to Understand the Suffering of your Neighbour

Children, look around you. Analyze what you see. Understand what state the world is in today. That is the purpose of this day. People in the world are suffering in so many ways. We should try to understand their plight.

Amma remembers an incident that took place a year ago. She heard it from her children in Mumbai. There was a man in Mumbai who was diabetic. He had a wound on his leg. It started festering and soon became a huge ulcer. When he showed it to the doctor, the doctor said, “The leg needs to be amputated. If it isn’t, the gangrene could spread to the areas above. That will cause serious problems.”

The man was shocked to hear this. Not only was he dismayed at the prospect of losing his leg, he realized he would have to pay tens of thousands of rupees for the operation. He did not have a steady income. He could not even support his family with what he earned. After his leg became infected, he was not able to work as before. He did not have enough money even to buy the medicine the doctor had prescribed. How then could someone like him find the means to pay for the operation? He became utterly dejected.

One day, this pitiable man went to the railway tracks. When the train was approaching, he placed the affected leg over the track. The train ran over the leg, severing it. But he also lost so much blood that he almost died. People took him to the hospital. When asked why he had acted thus, he said, “I have no money to pay for the amputation. If it’s not amputated, I will not be able to live either, because of my illness. With no money for the operation, I saw no other way before me. That’s why I had to resort to this extreme measure.”

Children, just consider his plight. Today, we have a hospital. Even though we do not have enough money to give everyone free treatment, we perform free surgeries for many poor people. However, after they are discharged from the hospital, they still have to continue taking medicines. Many of them don’t have money to buy these medicines. Because they have to rest for at least a few days after the surgery, they cannot go to work. We can see such families, enervated by lack of food. If we look around us, we can see many families suffering like this, lacking the means for even one meal a day. At this time, we should reflect upon the money we spend on luxuries and other non-necessities. If we want to, we can buy medicines for one poor person, provide a starving family with at least one meal a day, and ensure a bright future for a poor child by financing his or her education. It is this attitude — one of loving and serving each other — that we should awaken through spirituality.

Amma, Sri Mata Amritanandamayi Devi