Amma - Sri Mata Amritanandamayi Devi

Children, people always dream of a society filled with peace and prosperity, lead by a ruler who loves his people like a father his children. This is why we still remember the time of King Mahabali, when everyone lived as one, and the time of Rama, where everyone was treated equally under the law. Rama’s kingdom was filled with prosperity. Because Rama was righteous, his people became righteous as well. Rama’s kingdom is known as the greatest of all kingdoms—as Rama’s utopia.

Once there was a poetry recitation held before the king of Bhojaraja. One of the poets poetically compared Bhojaraja to Rama and his kingdom to Rama’s. Everyone applauded. At that time, a crow flew by and excreted on this poet’s head. The poet became upset. The king ordered the crow to be captured. Once caught, the crow started talking, “Oh King! I excreted on this poet’s head because he was lying. Neither are you comparable to Rama nor is this kingdom equivalent to Rama’s. I will prove this to you. You and your ministers, please follow me.”

The king, the ministers and the poet followed the crow. After a while, they arrived at the mouth of a cave. The crow fly in and they followed. The crow then requested the mud to be removed from the cave’s walls. When this was done, thousands of precious diamonds and gems were revealed. The crow said, “In Rama’s kingdom, there was a very rich man who did not have any children. He promised to give a pot of precious diamonds to Rama if a child was born to him. By God’s grace, his wife finally conceived and gave birth. The man took the pot of diamonds to Rama, but Rama refused to accept them. Instead, he recommended the diamonds be distributed to the poor. But there were no poor people in Rama’s kingdom. Then Rama told him to give the diamonds to anyone who desired them. But no one was ready to receive diamonds for which they had not worked. These are the diamonds that no one would accept.”

Everyone was shocked.

“The crow continued, “Oh King, would you now please ask your ministers and the poet to show their hands?”

When they opened their palms, the king saw that their hands were filled with diamonds. The crow said, “King, do you now understand why your kingdom is not like Rama’s?”

Though this story seems unbelievable, there is a beautiful teaching here about the power of a king who rules steadfast in dharma. For a genuine leader, there are no kith and kin—only citizens. Their welfare is his only goal. For a good leader, his job is like a penance. It is like worshipping God. It is about dedicating oneself to dharma and offering the results to the world. Ruling the kingdom was like this for Rama.

Amma, Sri Mata Amritanandamayi Devi