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Towards the era of blockbusters

Towards the era of blockbusters

 Jun 17, 2017

Bahubali 2, the S SRajamouli movie, is undoubtedly the talk of the town with crowds thronging the theatres even after its 50th day. The phenomenal success of this movie, its first part released in 2015, is no surprise thanks to the spectacular VFX effects and intriguing story line. Not to mention the cast and crew. It has broken all records and is said to be the first Hindi film to gross 750 crore worldwide according to This blockbuster is said to have easily crossed over 250 crore in its production.

A decade back when a movie crossed 50 lakhs in production, eyebrows were raised and much was written about. But today this sounds meagrely as big budget movies are the flavour of the season. The buzz is not just back home but across the globe.

Amir Khan’s Dangal was recently praised by the Chinese President Xi Jinping. He told the Indian Prime Minister NarendraModi in a recent meeting that he enjoyed the sports drama and the actors have done a commendable job. The movie has become the first top-grossing non-Hollywood film in China. Amir Khan went on to comment that he hoped the people in China would love the movie but never dreamt that it would be such a huge success. The film is centred onreal-life champion Mahavir Singh Phogat, who went against all odds to train his daughters to become successful wrestlers. This movie is said to have grossed around 702 crores in India, only to be beaten by Bahubali 2.

Film making today is an expensive affair with money not just spent on cast and sets, but mainly on special effects and technologies that would make viewing a unique experience for the audience.

Other big budget movies to make the headlines in the recent past includeBahubali - The Beginning, Ra One, Dhoom 3, Enthiran, Pulimurugan, and Kick. The Tamil sci-fi thriller ‘2.0’ starring superstar Rajinikanth is not far behind. The film is budgeted at around 400 crores and slated to release later this year.

For the movie lovers, there is more good news in store. UAE based billionaire BR Shetty is all set to make the most expensive movie in India. Budgeted at 1000 crores, the movie Randamoozham is an adaptation of the Indian epic, Mahabharata. It stars the talented actor Mohanlal in the lead. Mr Shetty is confident of the success of the film and says that it will be adapted in 100 languages to reach 3 billion people all over the globe. Production is expected to begin in September, 2018.

With this Indian movies have gained their place in the international arena. Technically comparable, competent editing, direction and excellent camera work. But the negative aspect is small time producers and new comers in direction may face a tough time to compete with the big players. The art film makers and offbeat directors who are already finding it difficult to get theatres too could face problems. The audience who prefer such films may not welcome such an emerging scenario. The old nursery rhyme 'money makes the mare go’ may prove correct again.

No matter how divided the views may be on the amount of money being spent on visualand acoustics for a movie, the verdict is clear. The masses love what pleases their eyes and blockbusters are definitely here to stay. Today, big is beautiful and the more extravagant the better.

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