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Sukma attack exposes hollow claims of NDA Govt: Cong

Sukma attack exposes hollow claims of NDA Govt: Cong

 Mar 13, 2018

Describing the Naxal attack in Sukma as a direct consequence of Modi Government's 'aimless, irresolute and inconsistent' policies, the Congress on Tuesday said that it exposes the hollow claims of the NDA and the BJP Government in the state in controlling Naxalism.

In a statement, AICC media incharge Randeep Surjewala said, 'endangering India's National Security is a direct consequence of a Modi Government's aimless, irresolute and inconsistent polices.

Modi had sold the 'National Security' plank hard to attain power, but in the past 4 years, we have only witnessed a precarious security situation in the country. Ceasefire violations from across the border, Cross border infiltration, Terror attacks on our Security installations and Naxal attacks in our states have increased manifold.'

Asserting that the Sukma attack exposes the hollow claims of the NDA in controlling Naxalism, Mr Surjewala said,'after Demonetisation, Mr Modi made boastful claims of ending Terrorism and Naxalism, but facts tell a different story. There have been 23 major Naxal attacks after demonetisation, in which 97 security personnel were martyred and 121 civilians killed. 

The overall picture on Naxal attacks in the past three years further expose the tall claims by PM Modi and BJP Government. According to the figures presented recently in the Lok Sabha and South Asian Terrorism Portal, Naxal attacks continue unabated.' (UNI)

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