March 18, 2018, 4:54 pm IST
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Wonderla brings India's first Space flying experience in Hyderabad

Wonderla brings India's first Space flying experience in Hyderabad

 Mar 13, 2018

Wonderla Holidays Limited (WHL), India's No.1 amusement park operator here on Monday announced inauguration of its latest attraction 'Mission Interstellar' at Wonderla Hyderabad.

The company has invested Rs. 40 Crore to build India's first space flying experience ride, said  Arun K Chittilappilly, Managing Director, WHL, on the occasion.

The ride has been developed in collaboration with leading US and European theme park design companies while installation and integration was managed completely by Wonderla Engineering team. 

It boasts impressive technical features includes largest screen in India: 3500 sqft parabolic screen, 4K resolution Laser projector - Projects HD image using laser. 1 st time in India ;Hydraulic lift seating system for 60 pax from Italy to make the ride real and immersive housed in an 8-story tall building with a 23 meter dome shaped roof, he explained.

The ride vehicle that lifts them 40 ft up into the dome and the film is projected on to the giant dome screen so that the projected images completely fill the viewer's field of vision. (UNI)

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