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Aamir's fan following in India, China makes him world's biggest superstar

Aamir's fan following in India, China makes him world's biggest superstar

 Mar 13, 2018

Aamir Khan's appeal in world's two major countries makes him world's biggest superstar!

The recent past has been a testimony of the mass hysteria Aamir Khan and his work generates not just in India but the world over too.

The actor is not just a Superstar in India but also China. With the population of 1.42-billion and 1.35-billion in China and India respectively, Aamir Khan is undoubtedly the biggest Superstar in the world.

The record shattering earnings of his last three outings make for his films 'PK' (2014), 'Dangal' (2016) and 'Secret Superstar' (2017), topping the list of Top 5 all time worldwide grossing Indian Films.

While 'Dangal' earned a whopping Rs 1,908-crore in China while 'Secret Superstar' raked in Rs 874-crore at the Chinese box office, his first release in the neighbouring country opened to a thunderous response of Rs 831-crore.

Aamir emerged as the most watched non-Chinese actor in China, hence proving his stardom in the neighbouring nation. (UNI)

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