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First Lady of France visits Lodhi Art District in Delhi

First Lady of France visits Lodhi Art District in Delhi

 Mar 13, 2018

The Lodhi Colony area of Delhi was transformed into India's very first open public art district as part of the St+art Festival in 2015.

The two month long festival had brought together over 25 street artists from India and across the world to brighten the city with art interventions like murals, installations and more.

The popular art district is visited by a huge amount of people along with many dignitaries throughout the year. One such luminary to grace the Lodhi Art District on Monday was 'The First Lady of France', Brigitte Macron.

The tour was conducted by the architect Pierre Guyot who is a part of St+art India Foundation, team.

The First Lady walked for an hour and a half across the Art District, sharing feedback of admiration specifically towards the quality of each piece of art as well as the nature and purposes of the project.

She was particularly impressed by the creation of an open air art museum that offers art to all the sector of the society in the most sharable and engaging manner. Furthermore, she highlighted the pleasure of calmly walking in a pleasant area such as Lodhi Colony, a rarity in the busy streets of Delhi.

The first lady also felt the vibes of an inspiring environment in which local and global flavours come together in every piece of art also thanks to the spirit of cultural exchange and collaboration that permeates the art district. (UNI)

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