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Naidu adjourns Rajya Sabha

Naidu adjourns Rajya Sabha

 Mar 13, 2018

Rising to speak before proceedings began after papers were tabled at the start of the day, Naidu urged members to allow the House to function after seven days of disruption since the resumption of the second part of the Budget session as there was no reason for stalling the House.

He said he did not see any reason for the discussion and debate not to be taken up and said the disruption made him 'feel ashamed'. He asked agitating members to desist from displaying banners and placards.'Any issue whether on Tamil Nadu or Andhra Pradesh that MPs want to raise, the chair is willing to have a discussion,' he said rising to his feet. 'Let's put an end to this,' he said referring to the protests that have rocked the House since the start of the resumed sitting of the Budget session.

He requested Leader of the House and of the Opposition to see that the House functioned effectively and as per traditions. At this, Sukhendu Sekar Roy of the Trinamool Congress rose on a point of order bringing to the chair's notice that he had submitted a notice under Rules 168 and 169 for a discussion on the Punjab National Bank issue and had complied with all the conditions. He said it went against the spirit of natural justice to be denied discussion. However, as Opposition members began to react to the chair's pleas, Naidu at 11.16 am adjourned the House till 2 pm.

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