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Modi govt compromise on national security: Congress

Modi govt compromise on national security: Congress

 Mar 12, 2018

Stepping up its attack on the Narendra Modi government over the deal for Rafale fighter jets, the Indian National Congress on Monday accused the Prime Minister of making a grave compromise on defence and national security by cancelling the tender for 126 Rafale aircraft issued by the previous United Progressive Alliance dispensation and inviting fresh tenders.

In a series of tweets , All India Congress Committee media incharge Randeep Surjewala, asserting that the government had issued a new RFI this month for buying fighter aircraft, asked the reason for cancelling the 126 aircraft tender that opened on 12/12/2012 if it had to issue a new RFI for buying planes.

'Modiji's grave compromise on 'Defence & National Security'. 2007-12, UPA froze technical specs for a twin engine jet & opened financial bids for 126 aircrafts. 30/7/2015, Modi Govt cancels this tender. March 2018-RFI for new aircraft to be issued.

'PM Modi must tell- 1. If a new RFI for buying fighter aircraft is to be issued, why cancel the 126 Aircraft tender that opened on 12/12/2012? 2. If IAF clearly prefers a twin engine fighter aircraft,why have a tender for single & double engine planes?'Surjewala tweeted.

Surjewala wondered if issuing a new RFI for buying fighter aircraft was a ploy to divert attention from the Government blunder on Rafale and loss to exchequer due to it. 'Is this all a ploy to divert attention from the Govt faux pas on Rafale & loss to exchequer? Hope all this is not a charade. Has Modi Govt pre-decided on a fighter aircraft for IAF & it will be presented to the country from a magician's hat?' Surjewala questioned. (UNI) 

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