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Srikanth in Finals

 Jun 18, 2017

Kidambi Srikanth stunned world no.1 Son Wan Ho to enter the Finals of the Indonesia Super Series Premier. He won 21-15, 18-21, 24-22. The game lasted for an hour and 12 minutes. It is Srikanth’s fourth Super Series Final after wins at the China Open,2014 and India Open, 2015. World no. 22 will now face no.47Kazumasa Sakai in today’s final.

Compatriot H.S. Prannoy’s journey ended when he went down playing to Japan’s Kazumasa Sakai 21-17,26-28, 18-21 in a game that lasted 77minutes. ‘I am very disappointed with the result but that’s how the sport goes and can’t really complain……..overall I didn’t play badly’, said Prannoy sportingly.

With Prannoy’s defeat, ended all dreams of an all Indian final.Srikanth kept India’s hopes alive with a defining win against world no.1 Wan Ho. He played with composure under pressure that assured his victory. The decider was thrilling to watch. At 22-22 the match could have swung either way. Srikanth’s precise smash across the court and a deft return shot clinched the match for him. ‘Coming into the tournament I never thought really that I will reach the final. It will take a while to digest it….’, said the victorious shuttler.

All eyes are now on Srikanth as he plays the finals on Sunday.

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