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Global leaders hail New Delhi's initiative for ISA

Global leaders hail New Delhi's initiative for ISA

 Mar 12, 2018

The overwhelming response to the founding conference of the International Solar Alliance Summit hosted in Delhi on Sunday and which was attended by 23 Heads of Nation and governments, six Vice Presidents and deputy Prime Ministers and 19 Ministers show that there has been a "huge surge" in joining the forum - that was originally visualised by Prime Minister Narendra Modi, officials said.

"It is evident that there has been a huge surge and interest in joining the ISA," T S Tirumurti, Secretary (Economic Relations) in the Ministry of External Affairs, told reporters here.

Referring to the laudatory speeches made by various world leaders, he said the Governor General of Australia Sir Peter Cosgrove described ISA as "India's gift to the world".

The attendance shows the "significance" of the commitment to go for clean, affordable and sustainable energy and make "our world a better place". "The sustainable development has got a huge boost," he said. (UNI)


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