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India flays Pak for blowing up things in media

India flays Pak for blowing up things in media

 Mar 12, 2018

After Pakistan High Commission has brought to Government of India's notice some "incidents of alleged harassment" over the last few days, Ministry of External Affairs on Sunday sought flay Pakistan for blowing up the matter in the media.

"The Indian High Commission in Pakistan has been facing tremendous harassment for long, particularly in the last year. However, Indian diplomats chose to tackle this matter with quiet and persistent diplomacy rather than by airing issues in the media," the MEA source said.

Sources also said: "India makes all efforts to provide a safe, secure and hospitable environment for diplomats to work in. Unfortunately, this cannot be said of Islamabad".

It also said, for instance, on February 16, the High Commissioner of India met the Foreign Secretary of Pakistan, to lodge a strong protest against multiple acts of hooliganism against Indian properties and personnel.

"India’s residential complex in Islamabad was raided by Pakistan agencies who expelled all Pakistani service providers and later disconnected power and water supply. Despite the Foreign Secretary’s assurance, the power supply was not restored for over two weeks. The Pakistan High Commission faces no such disruptions".

"More troublingly, over the last few months, several High Commission staff have been severely harassed and intimidated. In one case an official’s home was broken into, laptop stolen. Harassment is the new normal for Indian High Commission personnel in Islamabad," the Indian official alleged.

Sources also alleged that the High Commissioner’s car was recently stopped by Pak agencies in the middle of a busy road to prevent him from attending an event. (UNI)


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