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Myths About Hearing Loss And Hearing Aids!!

Myths About Hearing Loss And Hearing Aids!!

 Mar 09, 2018

There are numerous myths about hearing loss and hearing aids in our society. For many of us, it’s time to learn about some of the misconceptions about hearing loss and hearing aids;

MYTH: Hearing loss affects only ‘old people’...

FACT: Actually its reverse, 65% of people with hearing loss are younger than age 65.

MYTH: One can wait until the hearing gets a lot worse before they have to do something about it.

FACT: The longer a person waits to take care of their hearing, the lesser the hearing aids will do for them in future.

MYTH: Hearing aids will restore my hearing to normal.

FACT: Hearing aids are called “aids” because they help, they don’t cure. They help retrain your brain to pick up the sounds that hearing loss has conditioned the brain to miss.

MYTH: The friends who use hearing aid does not benefit with it.

FACT: It is true that some people do not do as well as others with hearing aids. Just remember, we all don’t get the same eyesight clarity with glasses, but we still do not want to be without them.

MYTH: Hearing aids are too expensive.

FACT: Yes, there are expensive hearing aids, but they are just like any other electronic devices. You can always find hearing aids that fit your budget and lifestyle. The value of better hearing and better lifestyle is almost always well worth the cost.

MYTH: You can save money buying hearing aids online or through some paper ads.

FACT: One wouldn’t purchase glasses online without consulting an eye specialist, as it has to match your vision loss. The same matters in hearing aid purchase. Consult an audiologist and get right hearing aid with right fitting parameters.

MYTH: Hearing aids will make everything sound too loud.

FACT: With advanced sound processing and noise-reduction technology, today’s hearing aids are ready for whatever listening situation you find yourself in like going to a busy restaurant, sporting event, simply want to relax and watch television. Hearing aids are now fit to your unique hearing loss, your lifestyle, and your most frequent listening situations.




Amrita Institute of Medical Sciences, Kochi, Kerala.

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