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Cleanliness drive capers

 Jun 17, 2017

The drive against open defecation in Rajasthan took a tragic turn with the death of a man at the hands of the sanitation workers propagating the Swatcha Bharat campaign. The municipal workers of Pratapgarh going on their rounds found some women relieving themselves in the open fields.

While they were taking pictures one local person objected to their taking pictures and harassing the women. In the argument that took place the local civic body chief and three members of the municipal council assaulted the 44-year-old man, Zafar Hussain, who succumbed to the injuries.

According to the SP of Pratapgarh, Shivraj Meera, there was a heated argument between Zafar and other civic staff but it was not clear what happened after that. ‘We would be able to establish the cause of death only after the medical board submits its report.

According to the local CPI(ML) unit Zafar had submitted a letter alleging harassment of women by the civic staff. He had accused them of running away with their water bottles and abusing them openly. He had also complained about this campaign of public shaming of such offenders.

Such a laudable objective as a clean India seems to get degenerated into harassment and even loss of lives at the ground level. The civic authorities seem to do everything except doing their duty of keeping the places clean.


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