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Police raid Gupta family home in S. Africa

Police raid Gupta family home in S. Africa

 Feb 14, 2018

South African police on Wednesday raided the home of the controversial Gupta family in Johannesburg following investigation into allegations of influence-peddling and arrested one of the three Gupta brothers, reports here said.

Two other people have also been arrested, according to the statement released by the police to the South African media.

The police said the raids were carried out in connection with the Estina dairy farm near Vrede, in the Free State, a project which was originally meant to help poor black farmers but from which the Gupta family is alleged to have pocketed millions of dollars.

The three brothers, Ajay, Atul and Rajesh, of the Indian-born Gupta family have been accused of "state capture" by the public prosecutor, a constitutionally appointed independent anti-corruption watchdog that coined the phrase to describe how the family has allegedly used its friendship with President Jacob Zuma to influence ministerial appointments, secure multi-million dollar government contracts and gain access to inside information.

They all deny the allegations.South Africa's Serious Corruption Crime Unit, The Hawks, searched the Gupta's walled compound near Johannesburg zoo on Wednesday.They have also carried out raids on other properties.

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