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‘Only politics, no cinema’, says Kamal

‘Only politics, no cinema’, says Kamal

 Feb 14, 2018

Actor Kamal Haasan has firmly said that he would fully concentrate only in politics and give up acting after completing his two films.

'My entry to politics is final and irreversible. I will concentrate fully to get my right in my new role', he told a TV channel. The 63-year-old actor said 'except for the two films (Vishwaroopam-2 and Indian-2) for which shooting has commenced, there would be no more films for me.'

Kamal said he did not want to die as a mere actor. 'I am earnest. I am not here to improve my bank account, I could have led a happy retired, popular life. 'Since I do not want to die merely as an actor, I decided to come to politics'. I will die in the service of people and that I have promised myself', he said..

''I am not here to complain', the actor-turned-politician, who was all set to unveil his party name and its principles on February 21 in Rameswaram, said 'I can't keep complaining and get angry. You have to (get into politics). 'Unless you do that you cannot bring the reforms I am envisioning for the state of Tamil Nadu', Kamal said.

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