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A Happy Valentine’s Day!

A Happy Valentine’s Day!

 Feb 14, 2018

Everyone knows that February 14 is universally celebrated as Valentine’s Day, a day of love. The colours of the day are pink and red, the flower of the day is the red rose and the mood of the day is of joyous love. It is the day when lovers pop the question ‘Will you marry me?’ In these days of consumerism, expensive gifts, new clothes and dining out have become the norm for celebrations.

However, it is interesting to note that a group of animal lovers have decided to dedicate this Valentine’s Day to their pets. The dogs and cats they say, will be spoilt with love and luxury. A visit to the pet’s parlour for a foamy shampoo bath and hair dry is definitely a part of the celebration. This will be followed by a hair setting session complete with ribbons, curls and clips. Nails are to be trimmed and manicured. Lunch will also be a special affair. Special doggy meat pies for the special day, alongside the juiciest, biggest bone for the darling dog. Some pet lovers have vowed to go shopping for new beds and baskets for the heroes of the day. All chewed up toys and bones will be replaced with new ones. Love them and give them what they want this one day as they pour out so much love and affection on you throughout the year.’ Splurge’ on them seems to be the mantra for the day.

While some pet lovers indulge their pets in this way, it is interesting to see that there are others who untiringly care for animals all through the year. Some of them pick up strays clean and bathe them and then work to get them adopted. Others run shelters to help those going out of town, by providing boarding facilities for a small fee. Then there are those who work to protect animals like bulls and elephants from cruelty; the list goes on...These dedicated animal lovers don’t wait for Valentine’s Day, every day is Valentine’s for them they do what they do for sheer love!

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