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Unseasonal rains lashed Marathwada; 4 killed, several hectare crops damaged

Unseasonal rains lashed Marathwada; 4 killed, several hectare crops damaged

 Feb 13, 2018

Four people were killed and 19 domestic animals died as unseasonal rains that lashed several parts of Marathwada region on Sunday, a divisional commissioner report said.

The report said of the four deceased, one was from Hingoli district, two were from Jalna and one woman from Parbhani district. As many as 18 talukas of six districts were affected.

The crops, including horticulture garden on several hectare lands, were affected due to hailstorm, a report said. A 46,474 hectaes of area was affected. Except Aurangabad and Nanded districts, all other district were affected by sudden rainfall. 

Of 8525 villages from 76 tehsils, 464 villages of 18 tehsils were affected due to hailstorm. Out of 46,474 hectares areas, 22,015 dry crop land, 21,268 hectares irrigated land, 3192 hectares horticulture land were affected.

Meanwhile, Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis has directed to the revenue department to conduct a panchanama of the areas affected and the government will provide compensation on thebasis of panchnama reports, the report added.

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