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Affordable housing project

Affordable housing project "Aarambh" in Mumbai

 Feb 13, 2018

Group Satellite has launched its first affordable housing project "Aarambh" in Malad East. Sarjan Shah, Managing Director, Group Satellite, said "Aarambh" launched recently had 1000 units starting at Rs 45.45 lakh for a 1-BHK with 2 bathrooms, 11.8 ft ceiling heights, a flexi-loft and curated amenities.

The project was aimed at first time home owners, growing families and aspirational young couples. It was an initiative aimed at catering to Mumbai’s underserved with good quality housing at affordable prices.

Shah said, '‘Since my return from Harvard Business School, I have focused on redirecting the Group’s focus on the rapidly growing population of underserved and unserved Mumbaikars - people who live, work and grow in Mumbai but can’t afford to own their own homes until much later in life. Now, one and a half years later, we are very excited by the launch of Aarambh, clearly Mumbai’s most inexpensive new homes - we’ve worked hard on product design and curated financial plans to make home-ownership a dream come true for a new segment of Mumbaikars.''

Real estate development has always been a vital pillar for the economy’s progress. With projects in affordable housing like "Aarambh", Group Satellite is paving the way for a paradigm shift in the industry’s perspectives and focus, aligning to a new and emerging India.

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