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Warm welcome home from Olympics for Kim’s Sister

Warm welcome home from Olympics for Kim’s Sister

 Feb 13, 2018

The love affair that Kim Yo-jong, sister of North Korea’s leader, enjoyed at the Winter Olympics in South Korea has not ended now that she is back home, a report of the BBC News says.

Ms. Kim is one of her brother’s most trusted aides, but in a country where top aides can have notoriously short life spans — even when they are relatives of the North’s leaders — little can be taken for granted.

But her brother, Kim Jong-un, let the world know how he felt about his sister’s rare visit to the South: When his private jet carrying her home landed this week, a military band and honour guard were waiting for her at the airport in Pyongyang, the North Korean capital.

If  Kim sent his sister to the Olympics to mount a “charm offensive,” as United States officials feared, she did her job. Her visit was still getting warm reviews in the South on Monday.

Just a few months ago, North Korea was regarded as nothing but a menace, rattling the region with nuclear and missile tests and staging bloody political purges at home. Almost overnight, with friendly smiles and messages of reconciliation, Ms. Kim managed to help soften her country’s image among South Koreans, at least for the moment.

She delivered her brother’s surprise invitation for President Moon Jae-in of South Korea to visit the North for a summit meeting, and Moon met her four times during her three-day trip. She held her chin up when she met political leaders and faced crowds in the South.

Her light makeup and modest, even prim, clothes were a contrast to those of her fashionably dressed sister-in-law, Ri Sol-ju. “I can’t speak very well in public,” Ms Kim said “shyly” when she was asked to give a toast during a dinner at a five-star hotel in Seoul, according to South Korean officials who were present.  Kim “expressed satisfaction” after Ms. Kim briefed him on Monday about her trip to the South.

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