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'Principal' Mahesh Bhatt to challenge contestants of 'India's Next Superstars'

'Principal' Mahesh Bhatt to challenge contestants of 'India's Next Superstars'

 Feb 13, 2018

STAR Plus' show 'India's Next Superstars' recently got veteran director Mahesh Bhatt on board to share his years of experience and impart knowledge among the contestants of the show.

Excited about this association, Mr Bhatt said he can't wait to see the contestants' journey outside the competition.

Roped in as the new principal, Mahesh Bhatt will be seen in the 'Superstars Ki Paathshaala,' challenging the contestants with tasks every week.

He recently shot for his first episode in the academy, where he shared a heartfelt message for them, 'You need a strong heart to perform as the world is full of spectators. I want to have a life-long connect with each one of you and see how you people shine in the real world.'

'India's Next Superstars' is a talent search reality show, which is streaming on Star Plus. Karan Johar and Rohit Shetty are the judges for the show.

The new talent hunt show has 10 males and as many females, who will be living under one roof, and everyday, they will be assigned for tasks and judged on the basis of their performances.

The two winners will be rewarded with a three-film deal with Dharma Productions.


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