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Forest, Tree cover area increases by 1 pc in two years

Forest, Tree cover area increases by 1 pc in two years

 Feb 12, 2018

Country’s Forest and Tree cover has increased by 8,021 sq km (1 percent) as compared to assessment of 2015, said the Indian State of Forest Report 2017. Released by Minister for Environment and Forest Dr Harsh Vardhan here on Monday, the report said the very dense forest has increased by 1.36 percent as compared to last assessment.

According to the report, the increasing trend of forest and tree cover is largely due to the various national policies aimed at conservation and sustainable management of forests like Green India Mission, National Agro-Forestry policy (NAP), REDD plus policy, Joint Forest Management (JFM), National Afforestation Programme and funds under Compensatory Afforestation to States.

“Successful agro-forestry practices, better conservation of forests, improvement of scrub areas to forest areas, increase in mangrove cover, conservation and protection activities have also led to increase in the forest and tree cover”, said the Minister.

As per the report, top five states where maximum forest cover has increased are Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka, Kerala, Odisha and Telangana. Giving the State-wise break-up, Dr. Harsh Vardhan said that three states - Andhra Pradesh (2141 sq km), followed by Karnataka (1101 sq km) and Kerala (1043 sq km) have shown the maximum increase in forest cover.

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